Elevating vitality, one gem at a time.

Our jewelry merges the energetic forces of gemstones, geometry, numerology & Reiki, empowering busy, vibrant souls like yourself to find balance, express your unique essence, and embrace life's adventures with style, grace, & pure health.

  • I've purchased 2 bracelets and a custom ring from Tansy. I first bought a chakra bracelet that has beautiful high quality stones for each chakra followed by silver beads and a band of black. I loved it so much I felt I needed to buy another one and ended up getting her "nervous system support" bracelet with an absolutely lovely combination of blue apatite and amethyst, also accompanied by some black stones that really balance out the design. They both make me feel so happy, calm, and centered just looking at them and especially wearing them. The ring was custom ordered because I loved one of the rings that she had on display but none of the sizes were big enough and she had no problem custom making one that fit me! I absolutely love all my pieces and Tansy puts so much thought and healing into them. I highly recommend Tansy and all the work she does at beU Complete. ~ Cato

"Crafting jewelry infused with the potent energies of gemstones, sacred geometry, numerology, and Reiki, I empower busy, spirited women like you. From juggling careers to nurturing families, and even navigating ADHD, my creations serve as talismans of balance, offering sanctuary amidst life's chaos. Inspired by the spiritual, artsy, and daringly edgy, each piece resonates with the rhythm of your soul, harmonizing with your love for music, animals, and vibrant adventures. Rooted in my core values of health, spirituality, independence, and impact, my jewelry embodies a pathway to wellness, self-expression, and joyful liberation, acting as a bridge on your health journey, allowing you to wear wearable health."

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